Chi Siamo

B&B Alla Panoramica overlooks the gentle hill that runs from the Murgia dei trulli to the sea, the view allows our guests to gaze across the vast plain of Monopoli’s olive groves until the outline of the ancient town comes into view standing out proudly against the wonderful backdrop of the Adriatic sea, hence the name ‘Panoramica’.

The heart of the B&B is comprised of three trulli of which over the years has seen the addition of a number of modern spaces all in keeping with the traditional style, here starts a journey of discovery into these ancient constructions which cover the Valle d’Itria, stone buildings and wonderful examples of ‘green buildings’ cool in summer and warm in winter.

The peace and quiet of the countryside can offer you the chance to step back in time, to the slow rhythms of a rural area with a strong agricultural character, where we, however provide you with all the comforts of modern life, air conditioning and free wi-fi in all rooms as well as a swimming pool suitable for children.


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